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Before This Life Ends!
© (p) Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom® Records -- Notice: All Rights Reserved.

Feel good right here right now! (recorded in hi-fi stereo :)

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Before This Life Ends

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Before This Life Ends
rare remix I
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Before This Life Ends
Lyrics ©

Before we die will tears fall from your eyes
Heal your wounds can you cry remorse for all those lies
Can you and I cleanse, forgive, renew as friends
Resolve and make amends before this life ends

Oh...forgive as friends
Oh...before this life ends

Will you run away until your old and gray
Time will tick away until your dying day
Will your pain prolong in carrying the grief lifelong
or will the love from this song make you strong to heal what's wrong

Oh...forgive as friends
Oh...before this life ends

All music, lyrics and vocals: Tim Mainka

You may feel good..especially because,
(some say so)
You may cry.
You may heal.
You may feel love.
You may feel like dancing..
(Tim often does :)

Tim Mainka doing all the music, lyrics and vocals.
(another distinguished mark in sonic freedom style ;)

Plus it's positively Posirock!
(even healing?)

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"Some of the BEST MUSIC I Have heard in a LONG Time,

and I am a Former Roadie for a Band Called Stillwater(Almost Famous) From
Warner Robbins, Ga and we Opened for Skynyard, Allman Bros, Marshall Tucker,
The Outlaws(From Tampa, FLa), and all the Old Southern Style Rock Groups of the 70's,

and this Music is so re-freshing and it Rocks BADD @SS---
Keep on Keepin On"

- Fred Evans, McHenry, IL

Rock Star"

Rock on Tim!"

- Buddy, MakeAStar.com

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