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Alert! "Have you ever experienced prolonged injustice...?"

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You get to feel good helping this crime victim recover from multiple violent crimes and a cruel unlawful eviction amidst public press release association and event []. Multiple witnesses (truth) substantiate that both corporate government and corporate (501c3) church actors had notice and opportunity to prevent select crime(s), but unfortunately monumental injustice has continued upon all ministerial watches; hence, the event has been suspended due to said crimes and public duties undone. Potentially if and when said crimes are no longer consented to, the event will hopefully resume (if by the grace of God); Yes, punishing the innocent breaks societal contracts and Christ's law of love. Lack of doing justice is as omitting the weightier matters of the law (like a scribe and Pharisee [Matt 23:23]). Nevertheless, people with God's love can support this crime victim in spite of said cruelty done in "broad daylight". To comfort sky rocketing damages, any compassion gift may help the immediate hardship and ongoing recovery from said cruel crime afflictions. Besides, what is rare distinguished God gifted talent worth to you and this present generation...? Will you be among the compassionate contrary to the cruel and uncaring souls? I hope You chose to support justice because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Thank Yous...

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