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"Thanks again for
reinventing the vibe...

you have created your
own style of delivering...
" -

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"Some of the BEST MUSIC I Have heard in a LONG Time,

and I am a Former Roadie for a Band Called Stillwater(Almost Famous) From
Warner Robbins, Ga and we Opened for Skynyard, Allman Bros, Marshall Tucker,
The Outlaws(From Tampa, FLa), and all the Old Southern Style Rock Groups of the 70's,

and this Music is so re-freshing and it Rocks BADD @SS---
Keep on Keepin On"

- Fred Evans, McHenry, IL

"The power of your music, I find so memorable."

"I am deeply moved when I hear your music-- the immense passion, the lyrical beauty and
the power of your music, I find so memorable. You have the divine spark, the indescribable quality we sometimes call 'star quality.' I can foresee a day when the treasure that is your music is no longer a secret. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'The future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of their dreams.'" -
Patricia Elaine Perry

"I cant wait to hear the rest of your music."

"With your music talent you will go very far. I know you will get there...very excited for you. I cant wait to hear the rest of your music. It sounds great! I know your dream will come true, I can see and feel it already, you touching a lot of peoples hearts." - Kallie K, South Africa

The Wonderful
Sonic Freedom®™ community now consists of people from 39 News: 40 countries:
USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Russia, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Croatia/Hrvatska, Brazil, Israel, France, the island of Montserrat in West Indies, Bermuda, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, Singapore, Portugal, Taiwan, Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Argentina, Romania, Kuwait, Turkey, Costa Rica, Egypt, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Philippines, Indonesia, Slovakia & Cameroon.

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Enjoy Select Bonus Mp3 Downloads With CD/Mp3 Order:

1. "It's All About Love" (Top 16 worldwide MakeAStar single mp3) © (P) as heard on debut CD and mastered by Ty Tabor of King's X.

2. "It's All About Love" - "intimate" studio alternative version (unlike the "live" version on debut CD or any previous pre-release).

3. "Just Give Me Some Time" (Top 16 worldwide MakeAStar single mp3) © (P) as heard on debut CD and mastered by Ty Tabor of King's X.

4. "Fly Your Spirit High" - "live & fuzzy" alternative stadium guitar version (unlike the 'up close and personal acoustic' studio version on debut CD)

5. "Love 'n Freedom 'n Ecstasy" mp3 mix ( 5 min and 10 seconds worth of rare remixed pre-release full length two mp3s in one) Lead guitar bonanza - Many solo explosions from "Give Me Freedom", rare old verse lyric takes of early renditions of "It's All About Love", a preview of "Release This Pain", mystery takes that will NOT be rewritten or released officially and also booming power section jams from "Once In a Life"

6. "Flame" mp3 mix.
~ Hear 3 more songs not on the CD featuring "Do You Care About Mine", "Blind Leading Blind", as well as some rare studio takes of "Ecstasy (Together Let's Love)" that were since rewritten for the final CD version. (final version of Ecstasy(TLL) also has different arrangement/instrumentation from any earlier pre-release)

7. "Time" mp3 mix.. Hear early unfinished recordings of "Give Me Freedom", "I'm Still Dreaming Now", "Take My Burning Love to Heart", "Release This Pain", and also get an inside glimpse into early developments of the song "Just Give Me Some Time" with old lyric and other musical arrangement takes.


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"Thanks again for
reinventing the vibe...

you have created your
own style of delivering...
" -




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Waukesha, Wisconsin

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If outside of USA, international shipping will be charmingly simple, as calculated ditto (as stated above).

No spam guarantee. ~Tim Mainka

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