Have you ever had a good feeling for 31 minutes?
Listen to the Sonic Freedom® Ninjas.
Believe it or not,
taste 31 different flavors, or more!
all in one unique listening experience.


» Download Sonic Freedom® Ninjas -
"That Many People"
-- Guitar / Vocals, Tim Mainka

» Download Sonic Freedom® Ninjas -
"Now" (Teazers Open Mic)
-- Bass / Vocals, Tim Mainka

Sonic Freedom® Ninjas are:

Tim Mainka,
Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Gary Farris,
Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Michael Fegel,

Ok. What next?

Download what you want.
Listen to each song one after another below.
Keep on going down this page to each new song
and have fun. Enjoy!

» Broadband Streaming
Sonic Freedom® Ninjas - That Many People

Alert! Stop. Focus and enjoy until the song is finished...
or else play the Sonic Freedom Ninjas
*That Many People1* twice!! =)



"RE: your new song is totally rad"

i just wanted to contact you to let you know that i really love your music...I really like your surfer style of rock and your sweet guitar lines. It is difficult to find that special kind of music today! Just sendin props!" - Dan, LOKI


» Download Sonic Freedom® Ninjas -

~~ The downloads are increasing moment by moment! ~~

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You can enjoy another 29 minute experience of live freeform jam candy from February 6.

It's a live recording (freaky stuff) of an open mic with Tim's ninja friends at Teazers Bar and Grille, Grand Rapids, Mich.

This time,

Tim Mainka on bass,
Gary Farris on guitar,
Michael Fegel on drums...

It takes a bit to perculate at first.
5:05 is unexpected..already freaking out at around 6:49

then up and down over some valleys..

Is that like 'the Doors' at around 8:59?

Is that bass tapping at around 9:14?

Nice treats at around 10:30

11:53 launches into a nice new scene

13:30 interesting...
15:01 sexy jazz

Well just enjoy!

» Broadband Streaming
Sonic Freedom® Ninjas - Teazers Open Mic

» Download Sonic Freedom® Ninjas - "Now"
(Teazers Open Mic)

While some think this is priceless music,
suggested tip for 29 minutes of ear candy is only $2.90
but even a buck is sweet. Thanks!



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"Some of the BEST MUSIC I Have heard in a LONG Time,

and I am a Former Roadie for a Band Called Stillwater(Almost Famous) From
Warner Robbins, Ga and we Opened for Skynyard, Allman Bros, Marshall Tucker,
The Outlaws(From Tampa, FLa), and all the Old Southern Style Rock Groups of the 70's,

and this Music is so re-freshing and it Rocks BADD @SS---
Keep on Keepin On"

- Fred Evans, McHenry, IL

"Most Likely To Become A
Rock Star"

...here you are -
fulfilling your destiny!
Rock on Tim!"

- Buddy, MakeAStar.com

Now you can also enjoy the Advanced Ninja Game here!!!


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